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Passenger Car Radial

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Primacy 3 ST Primacy HP Energy XM2



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Latitude Diamaris Latitude Tour HP Latitude Sport


Light Truck

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Premium Singapore Based Michelin Tyre Supplier

Purchase high quality products from some of the world’s leading manufacturers from Kim Hoe. When you invest in Michelin tyres, what you are investing in is some of the best products on the market developed by an industry innovator with a proven track record of excellence. Kim Hoe Tyre are proud to supply our Singapore clientele with a select range of tyres from this premium brand.

A name synonymous with the tyre industry, Michelin has become nothing short of iconic, with their mascot ‘Bibendum’ or the ‘Michelin Man’ recognised the world over. There is a good reason for this too, Michelin has a long standing record of innovation and quality inventing amongst other things, the removable and radial tyres. Although these sound like commonplace features of tyre design, when Michelin introduced these inventions, they revolutionised the industry and fundamentally changed the way we approach tyre technology.

Michelin constructs tyres for every kind of wheeled vehicle, from the humble bicycle through to space shuttles. In this way, the brand is fundamentally influenced the way modern transport has developed. Our range from this brand includes models designed for passenger cars, SUVs and light trucks. The quality of Michelin tyres is perhaps best demonstrated in the calibre of automobile competitions they supply. Their tyres have been used to win Formula One, Moto GP and endurance racing events all around the world since the 1970s.

Experience the Advantages that the Michelin Brand has to Offer.

Tyres from this brand are known for their endurance and fuel efficient qualities. Although it is one of the more expensive brands on the market, Michelin tyres are an investment well worth making. They tend to have a long service life, are incredibly hard wearing, and quiet to drive on. This brand also has a proven track record when it comes to safety and reliability. For more information on the range that Kim Hoe Tyre offer in Singapore, please don’t hesitate to contact us.